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Xulon Press Package Prices:

          Manuscript Reviewe - $329
          Basic Copyediting - $0.025/per word
          Line Editing - $0.05/per word
          Developmental Editing - $0.075/per word

Xulon Press Positive Reviews:

          Mick Rooney

          The Old School House

          Now Public

Xulon Press Negative Reviews:

          Yahoo Voices



More Reviews on Xulon Press:


          Complaints Board

          Timothy's Thoughts

Feel Free to Rate Xulon Press:

After reading the many reviews I find Xulon to be very unfavorable to many Authors. I had difficult time finding Positive reviews that were not coming directly from their blog or site. Due to the nature of the complaints against Xulon I would not recommend them to anyone. Thumbs down for Xulon.

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