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iUniverse Self Publsihing Packages:

       Select: $899
       Premier: $1,299
       Premier Pro: $1,649
       Bookstore Premier Pro: $2,299
       Online Premier Pro: $3,399
       Book Launch Premier Pro: $4,449

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iUniverse Positive Reviews:

       Top Ten Reviews

       Deborah O’Dowd

       New Author Publishing

iUniverse Negative Reviews:

       Suess's Pieces

       Lawrence Fisher


More Negative iUniverse Reviews:

      Pissed Consumer

      Complaints Board

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After looking at the different reviews and reading some of the posted comments by actual authors, I would have to give iUniverse a red flag. Not reporting all sales or royalties is a very big no no in any business! I cannot confirm any of the accusations but the fact of having so many complaints in regards to number of sales being reported is already a bell ringer for me! I would not recommend iUniverse to anyone!

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  1. I caught them out, so they refunded all my money. But there are sales from Q1 that they still owe me