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       Website Publisher (Review on Booksurge)

       Self Publish That


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       Self Publishing with Booksurge

       Book Square

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       Complaints Board

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This is a prime example of being smart with Marketing online strategy. It is obvious that Booksurge has spent a great amount of money and time in SEO Tactics. It is very difficult to find negative publicity but they are out there as I have posted them. Booksurge is very well informed and aware of the importance in investing with SEO Tactics. If you want to be known in a positive way online, there are plenty of quirks and squeaks an SEO specialist can pull. In a situation such as this I would keep in mind with the affiliation Booksurge has with Amazon. That may sound well for some of you but you have to take in to considerations the limitations you will have. Take the time to research that and you will see exactly what I mean. And if worse comes to worse, set your decision making more towards your budget capacity.

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  1. Booksurge no longer exists. It was combined with CreateSpace several years ago by Amazon, which owned both companies.

    Michael N. Marcus

    1. Yes, you stand correct Mr. Marcus. I will be searching for another Self-Publishing Company to review in replacement of Booksurge. Let me know if you have a specific company you would like for me to include? Thank you Mr. Marcus.