Dog Ear Publishing Review

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Package Price List:

        Basic                              -$1,099
Professional                    -$1,699
Professional+                  -$2,199
        Masterpiece                    -$3,499

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       Absolute Write

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       Insane Journal

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       Complaints Board

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It would seem Dog Ear Publishing has some unsatisfied authors. From what I have researched I find one of the main problems with Dog is they lack the communication with their authors after getting them to sign on. They also lack on informing the authors the details of their packages. They really should be there to assure their authors step by step to avoid any misunderstanding with the progress of their authors. I feel there are a lot of better options. Dog Ear is still a small company and they may lack the man power or experience to handle the needs of authors. But I will keep watch on Dog Ear and keep you all posted. 

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