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Outskirt Express Publishing Package Pricing:

          Down Payment on Book Publishing - $35
          Diamond Book Publishing - $999
          Pearl Full-color book publishing - $1,099
          Ruby book publishing - $699
          Sapphire book publishing - $399
          Emerald book printing - $199
          One-Clicking Publishing for Coaches & Speakers - $4,979
          One-Clicking Publishing For Childrens Books - $5,979
          iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks Distributions - $699
          Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition - $199
          Amazon Kindle Edition - $199
          Poetry Publishing Kit - $99
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Outskirt Express Publishing Negative Reviews:

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         Yahoo Answers

         Book Making

More Negative Reviews:

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As for my conclusion, I would have to say no to Outskirt Express. Dishonesty is not a good sign for any business establishment. Advising your authors to review their own book is a lazy way of doing the job of the Publisher! They would have been an ideal company with reasonable prices for those that can afford it. Some of you may not be bothered with the idea of reviewing your own book but I would like to know the real ratings of my own work. It is like cheating on a test! So I give Outskirts Express a thumbs down.

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