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       Brandon Toni Parrera


       Self-Publishing Resource

Bookwhirl Negative Reviews:

       A Writers Life (Lee Goldberg)

       So Many Books, So Little Time

       Editing for Authors

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Self-Publishing Made Easy with Bookwhirl

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Bookwhirl caught my attention when I noticed well known writers such as LeeGoldberg, Piers Anthony, and April Henry taking an interest. It seems most of the negative reviews started with Lee Goldberg. If you google Bookwhirl you will see a lot of the post and comments are coming from the same group but yet none of the post actually has experience or proof of any wrong doing on the part of the publishing company. None of the red flags of fraudulent implications which can lead to an action suite came up. Most complaints were about their telemarketers wrong grammar, accent, and spamming. But I haven't seen a lot of spam online coming from this company. Actually this company could maybe use a better online marketing strategy along with better consultants. But I haven't seen any indications of a red flag. Their prices are reasonable which could be ideal for anyone that is limited on budget. After doing some research, none of the authors that are making the accusations ever had experience with Bookwhirl. I would like to base my information on facts and not on personal opinions. I would like to see actual authors that signed up with Bookwhirl to give comments on their experiences. Not comments coming from authors that have too much time on their hands simply because they ran out of ideas to write about!

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  1. I have been very satisfied with the service provided to me by Bookwhirl. Compared to most Self Publishing companies I would have to say the pricing at Bookwhirl can work for all if not most firt time writers. Thank you Bookwhirl.

  2. For those that are wondering what authors have used Bookwhirl here are a few authors that had the opportunity to use our marketing services listed:

    Learn HTML & CSS The Easy Way
    The Ekklesia
    Berlin and Beyond
    The Children's Crusade
    From Murder to Forgiveness
    Shadow in the Reflection

    Here is one of our blogs:
    Self-Publishing Made Easy with Bookwhirl

    Thank you Everyone! :)

  3. ive been researching self-publishing companys for what seems like forever and i still have no idea what is good and what is a bad choice. which obviously it seems to be a hard choice for so many, who would YOU choose ? just curious ... :) thank you !!

  4. I published my book 10 years ago and I really decided that I will no longer be interested in doing something on my book but everything changed when a very intellectual girl called me and her name was Nicole Smith from At first, i had doubts with their company because of some bad publicity i've seen online but because of the sharp mind and a very eloquent speaker like her I was convinced to invest $10,000 with their company. I thought I just wasted my money but I was wrong because of the effort of my publicist Nicole; my book was picked up by Random House and they paid me a large amount of money to have it part of their company. I will recommend this company and deal with the publicist Nicole Smith because for me she is really the best and can really be trusted and can do business professionally. Two thumbs up for the company of hiring one of the best professionals in the industry.