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Trafford Publishing Package Pricing:
E-Novo - $549
Novo - $649
Scribe - $1,349
Tablet - $2,499
Vellum - $3,249
Scroll - $5,749
Folio - $7,749
Tapestry - $10,999

Children's Package
Spellbinder - $999
Dreamcatcher - $1,499
Imaginarium - $1,999

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Trafford Publishing Positive Reviews:

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Trafford Publishing Negative Reviews:

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More Reviews on Tafford Publishing:

          Jose Albis

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I'm really concerned as to why Authors are still going back to the same companies that are clearly taking advantage of so many authors. It only takes a few minutes to google a company and research in the experiences from others. Judging from the complaints and reviews from authors with actual experience I would suggest to run from this publisher!

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