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Balboa Press Package Pricing:

        Embark - $999
Connect - $1,699
Discover - $2,499
Inspire - $3,599
Empower - $4,999
Master - $7,999

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Balboa Press Positive Reviews:

          Kirkus Indie Review

          Self Pub Smart

          The Creators

Balboa Press Negative Reviews:

          Writer's Beware


          The Book Designer

More Balboa Press Reviews:

          Mick Rooney

Feel free to rate Balboa Press:

Due to their affiliation with Authorhous along with the negative reviews I would have to say NO to Balboa Press. The services they provide are reasonable enough but considering the number of complaints and the types of complaints they've received I would not choose them for my next book. But then again it is always your choice as the author but I highly recommend you do your research prior to making a decision with them.

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